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Chemical Resistance


10h Hardness

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Crystal Gloss


Super Hydrophobic

9h pencil hardness

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With its 10H surface protection formula, Nasiol ZR53 forms a slick single layer reinforcement to combat against scratches and potential harm caused by mud, ice, snow, harmful sun rays, and various other elements of nature.

Not only will the surface be guarded against scratches, but the body of your vehicle will also acquire a silky tactual feeling, with crystal-gloss shine.

WHY Nasiol ZR53?

  • SGS Certified formula for 10H pencil hardness.
  • No special equipment required, everything is included in box content.
  • Up to 3 years of enhanced durability .
  • Crystal Gloss Reflection (CGR) with a distinct silky feeling.
  • Recommended for professional detailers.


Car body paint, lights, black plastic, trim surfaces. Don’t use on chromated and unlacquered painted plastic parts.


  • Nasiol ZR53 has been developed for both end users and professionals.
  • Application to a mid-size car takes 60-90 minutes.
  • Ensure that the temperature and relative humidity (RH) values (+5 ̊C ~ + 30 ̊C / 41 ̊F ~ 86 ̊F / 50% RH) of the application space are as close as possible to suggested condition in order to obtain maximum product performance. If the ambient temperature or relative humidity value is higher than suggested intervals / values, the product may cure faster than expected. Avoid direct sunlight during the application and only work on cool surfaces.
  • Wash your vehicle thoroughly. If required, apply clay bar.
  • After decontamination, apply polishing / compounding with appropriate tools and silicone / wax-free cutting compounds in accordance with the physical condition of your vehicle’s surface.
  • When polishing is complete, wash the vehicle and ensure that all the application areas are thoroughly dry. A compressed air gun may be used to eliminate the risk of water dripping from trims and joints./li>
  • Prepare the surface by using Nasiol Clean to improve the bonding performance of the nano coating. Ensure that there isn’t any residual contamination and dry the surface with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Do not work on areas larger than 1m² per session.
  • Before using the product, wear the protective nitrile gloves included in the box.
  • Place a suede cloth onto the applicator block’s sponge surface. Change the suede cloth every 3-4 panels.
  • Shake the product gently before use.
  • Open the lid and pour the necessary amount of product onto the suede cloth. 4-5mL is enough for 1m² area.
  • Do not forget to keep the lid closed during the application.
  • Spread the product gently over the surface in a crisscross motion.
  • Once beading occurs (it takes 30 seconds in normal conditions), gently wipe the excess product off from the surface using the light gray Nasiol microfiber cloth in linear motions. To make the most of microfiber cloths, fold each one four times before application and do not re-use the side of the cloth you used.
  • f it is too late for the first wiping step, the product may cure on the surface, making wiping harder or even impossible. In that case, the product should be removed from the surface by polishing or sanding. After correction, the product should be re-applied properly.
  • After wiping the surface with the light gray microfiber cloth, complete the final buffing process by gently using the dark gray Nasiol microfiber cloth in circular motions.
  • Keep the coated surfaces away from direct sunlight, the elements, various types of contamination, and water exposure for 24 hours. Please wait 48 hours for the nano coating to cure and become resistant to abrasion and chemicals, before any detergent-based washing.


  • Nasiol ZR53 Bottle
  • Nasiol Applicator Block
  • Nasiol Suede Cloths x4
  • Nasiol Microfiber Cloths x2
  • Nitrile Gloves x2
  • Nasiol Sticker
  • Dropper
  • User Manual

Nasiol ZR53 Specifications

Volume 50mL
Application Surfaces Car body paint, lights, black plastic, trim chromated and surfaces
Durability Up to 3 years
Chemical Resistance 12>pH>1
Scratch Resistance
Water Repellency
Oil Repellency
Pencil Hardness 10H
Coating Thickness 700-800nm
Consumption per Unit Area 4-5mL/m²
Consumption Small Vehicles (A-B Class) : 30-35mL
Medium Vehicles (C-D Class) : 35-40mL
Large Vehicles (E Class & SUV) : 40-50mL
Temperature Durability 150°C
Application Temperature 5°C-30°C
Curing Period 4 hours to touch,
24 hours for water contact,
48 hours for detergent-based washing and chemical resistance
Storage Conditions -3°C to +30 °C
Shelf Life 1 year without opening the bottle,
1 week after opening the bottle
Quantity/Parcel 10 pieces


What is Nasiol ZR53, what does it do?

Nasiol ZR53 is a paint protection product applied on the exterior surfaces of motor vehicles. This product, also known as Nano Ceramic coating, enables the surface to become resistant to scratches, provides water and oil repellency and provides easy cleaning of challenging stains such as bird droppings and road salt residue. It protects the color of the vehicle paint by providing UV protection, and with minimal care ZR53 can provide 3 years of protection.

Which surfaces is it applied to?

ZR53 is safe to be applied on plastic, metal, painted metal surfaces.

Is ZR53 enough for my car?

Approximate consumption values according to passenger vehicle classes are as follows:

Small Vehicle: 30-35 ml (A-B class)
Standard Size Vehicle: 35-40 ml (C-D class)
Large Vehicles: 40-50 ml (E-SUV class)

What is the application process?

Please remember to read the product instruction booklet and watch the ZR53 application video before beginning the process.
Nasiol ZR53 is a nano paint protection product developed to be applied by both professional and novice end users, and its application time is in the range of 60-90 minutes for standard passenger cars. Please remember that this time range is only for the ZR53 application and does not include the time potentially spent on scratch removal. The product applied incorrectly without paying attention to the application instructions can only be taken from the surface by a scratch removing compound or sanding.
In order to obtain maximum efficiency from the product, the ideal conditions (temperature + 5˚C to + 30˚C, humidity 50%) should be within the specified range.
The surface where the ZR53 is to be applied should not be extremely cold or hot. Do not apply the product under direct sunlight. Prior to ZR53 treatment, clean the surface and remove imperfections with a clay bar. After cleaning the vehicle surface, if the surface requires it use a compound like Nasiol’s silicone-free compound of Clearub 305 to remove the scratches prior to ceramic coating treatment. Once the scratch removal process is completed, wash and dry the surface one more time. To remove the excess water from hard to reach places, it is recommended to use an air gun to dry out the vehicle and please be sure that the surface is completely dried. Clean the remaining residues such as compound dust with the help of a clean and lint-free micro fiber and make it ready for ZR53 application with Nasiol Clean – a solution designed for pre-ceramic coating treatment cleaning.. Partition the surface of the vehicle to be applied with a masking tape and make sure that it does not leave any residue. The partition should be around 1m2 (10 sqft) If the temperature and humidity values of the application environment are above + 30C and 50%, it will be more beneficial to work in smaller areas as the product curing time will shorten..
Wear the included protective nitrile gloves before using ZR53. Gently shake the product bottle few times before using. With the application pad placed on top of the open ZR53 bottle, turn the bottle upside down so the product solution adheres to the pad. Repeat this process for about 4-5 times and remember to repeat this process for each divided section.
Apply the product to the surface with linear movements in horizontal and vertical axes without excessive pressure. After the application to the surface, when the product starts to collect / bubble (normally about 30 seconds) wipe the surface with the included cloth in a circular motion without applying too much pressure. Make sure to pay attention to the bubbling process. In about 30 seconds the formula will begin to settle and it may become very difficult to wipe off after it cures. If this instance takes place, the product application should be repeated by applying polishing with a 2000 grit sandpaper to the relevant surface. To get the most out of the cloths, it is recommended to fold it in four section. As the product remaining on the previously used parts of the cloths will cure and harden, use the same part, making sure that there is no crystallization in more than 2 parts. After wiping with the first cloth, use the long feathered microfiber cloth to complete the final polishing process with circular movements without applying too much pressure. Wiping and polishing with a cloth will increase the efficiency of the coating. Make sure that there are no parts that were not applied or skipped between sections.
After the application process is completed, coated surfaces should be protected from contact with water, dirt, direct sunlight and chemicals for 24 hours.
Full protection against abrasion and detergents is gained after 48 hours. Therefore, the coated surface should not be washed during the first 48 hours.
A single layer of product application is sufficient for durability. Approximate consumption values according to passenger vehicle classes are as follows:
Small Vehicle: 30-35 ml (A-B class)
Standard Size Vehicle: 35-40 ml (C-D class)
Large Vehicles: 40-50 ml (E-SUV class)

Should I clean the vehicle before applying the product?

Before applying the product, make sure that the vehicle is clean and dry. Make sure to apply the product in a shadow area.

What features does it gain as a result of the application?

Scratch resistance
Water and oil repellency
UV protection
Chemicals resistance
Easy to clean
Protection against bird droppings and all other environmental influences

How many years does it last?

Provides durability up to 3 years with minimal maintenance.

I applied the product incorrectly. How can I remove it from the surface?

The product applied incorrectly can only be taken from the surface by wax or sanding process. Using a compound like Nasiol’s Clearub 305 or 505 will assist you in removing the previous mistakes done during application.

Where can I buy?

You can buy ZR53 from our online store,, or by contacting us via

[email protected] or +90 212 670 13 95

Is it harmful to health? Can you eat it?

It should definitely not be eaten. We have toxicity certificates and MSDS documents showing that our products are harmless to human health and the environment. You can view these documents by contacting our sales team. However, do not eat the product regardless and seek medical help if someone has eaten the product.

How can I find out the prices?

Our retail and wholesale prices are different from each other. is our shopping site where you can see the retail prices. Please contact our sales team for our wholesale prices.

Can I do the application myself?

You can easily do the application by yourself and by following instructions on our application video.

Is one coat of ZR53 application sufficient?

ZR53 product is applied in one coat and there is no need for a second coat.

Why should I use a ceramic coating?

It extends the paint life of the vehicle, provides protection against fine scratches, provides easy cleaning of the vehicle from stains that are difficult to remove such as bird droppings and thanks to its water and oil repellent properties, protects the vehicle surface against sun rays, acid rain, and harmful effects of chemicals.

Can I use it on my newly painted car? How long should I wait?

In the product instructions, it is written that the product should not be used before 3 months on newly painted surfaces. The reason for this is that the bonding performance of the product to the well-dried paint is much higher. When the paint does not dry completely, it does not show a fully resistant (stable) surface behavior to which our coatings will bond. For full performance, 3-4 months should pass after painting.

Is it enough for a 50 ml vehicle?

Nasiol ZR53 50 ml contains enough product for 1 vehicle.

Which tests has it passed? Does it have a certificate?

It has REACH certificate, LFGB certificate and ISO certificate, Volkswagen TL211 (resistance to various hazardous chemical components) certificate.

Can it be applied on PPF (paint protection film)?

No. Please do not apply ZR53 on PPF.

Can you supply Nasiol ZR53 unboxed?

You can benefit from our special branding study for the unboxed Nasiol ZR53, and create your own brand by choosing from our catalog we have created for this purpose.

Can I apply Nasiol ZR53 with a spray bottle or air gun?

With suitable spray bottles, yes, industrial type, solvent resistant, flow regulated bottles can be used. Air spray bottles should be preferred instead of air guns.

Do you have any guarantees, certificates and agreements about the effect or durability of the products?

Unfortunately no. The warranty or agreement can only be given by the applicator, depending on the fact that we only supply the product and the application part is the main point in achieving the desired durability and effect.

I forgot to wipe the Nasiol ZR53 off the car paint and my car has hard stains, what should I do?

The only way to clean the incorrectly applied ZR53 is through wet blasting of 2000.

After I apply Nasiol ZR53, stains remain on my vehicle. Why does this happen? What can I do?

This may be due to the accumulation of minerals in the water droplets. Some types of hard water can cause this situation. It is recommended to protect the surface from such hard water types for one month after new applications.

How is it different from MF2?

Nasiol MF2 and Nasiol ZR53 are both paint protective products for vehicles such as cars and yachts. Nasiol MF2 is less durable than Nasiol ZR53, its durability on the surface is up to 1 year and it has no resistance to surface scratches, but Nasiol ZR53 lasts up to 3 years and is resistant to surface scratches. However, MF2 is much easier to apply with its unique spray method. The other advantage of MF2 is its price, compared with ZR53, MF2 is inexpensive and it can be used as refresher on a vehicle that has been protected with ZR53 and NL272. Finally, MF2 can be applied on Nasiol ZR53 as a second layer to increase the strength and brightness.

How is it different from NL272?

Nasiol NL272 and Nasiol ZR53 are both paint protective products for motor vehicles. Nasiol ZR53 provides strength up to 3 years, while Nasiol NL272 provides strength up to 5 years.

How does ZR53 differ from other ceramic coatings?

Nasiol ZR53 has a completely different synthesis and production method, which makes Nasiol ZR53 a leader in efficiency and strength. This provides more resistance to scratches than other coatings, the protection coverage is better than others.

How long can I store without opening the bottle?

The unopened bottle can be stored for 1 year under suitable storage conditions.

How soon should I finish the bottle after using it?

The product that is not completely finished after opening the bottle; It should be consumed within 1 week by making sure that the opening is tightly closed. The unopened bottle can be stored for 1 year under suitable storage conditions.

Are Nasiol products "green", "safe" FDA approved? Are there any toxic substances in it

Our products have a European Union approved REACH certificate, which shows that they do not contain any toxic substances. For the Nasiol ZR53 branded product, according to the test results within the scope of LFGB (Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch), which is a well-known and respected German food safety standard, it was observed that Nasiol ZR53 does not have a harmful effect on human health when food comes into contact with the surface coated with Nasiol ZR53. In other words, you can safely use our Nasiol ZR53 product on surfaces that come into contact with food.

Can I apply Nasiol ZR53 to car windshield or seats?

Nasiol ZR53 is suitable for plastic, metal, painted metal surfaces. It should not be applied to other surfaces.

What is the main raw material of your nano coatings?

Our nano coatings consist of nanoscale silicon dioxide particles.

Do Nasiol ZR53 products cause sensitization on the skin?

It is recommended to use gloves during product application, which do come with the product. If the product accidentally comes into contact with the skin, wash it off immediately with soap and plenty of water. After contact with skin, take off immediately all contaminated clothing and rinse immediately with plenty of water. If irritation persists after washing, seek medical attention.

Is Nasiol ZR53 product odorless?

Most Nasiol products are solvent-based so they have fragrances in their liquid form. After the products are cured, there is no odor.

What kind of scratches does Nasiol ZR53 protect against?

Nasiol ZR53 provides protection against fine scratches. In other words, key scratches, scratches caused by pebbles splashing during travel, etc.

Can I apply Nasiol ZR53 in two layers to the car body to make a good coating?

Once you have applied the Nasiol ZR53 correctly, there is no need for an additional coat, because considering the first coat on the car, it is unnecessary to apply the second coat as there will be no additional surface left for Nasiol ZR53 to access and bond.

What is in the box?

50 ml product bottle, application guide, a pair of gloves, 10 application pads, 1 micro fiber and a polishing cloth, 1 Nasiol glass sticker.

When purchasing a case, how many products are there in a case?

There are 10 products in the case box.

Can I make my own brand of this product?

Yes. You can create your own brand. Please contact us for details.

I applied the product to my vehicle, how long should I wait?

For the full performance of the product, the surface should be kept for 48 hours.

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byhi, i would like to ask how much time should i wait to apply second layer onNasiol ZR53

apply second layer

byAustin Gavorin onNasiol ZR53

My name is Austin Gavorin and I’m a Small business Detailer company name A&A Auto Detailing LLC and I’m interested in purchasing bulk orders and how I can become a authorized/certified detailer of your products and receive them at lower cost Thankyou !

Hi Austin, Thanks for contacting us and interest in Nasiol ZR53. Regarding your bulk size pricing request, one of our sales experts sent you an email. Please check and reply accordingly. Have a great day!

byAhmad onNasiol ZR53

I want to get 100 pcs how and make less price to me

Thank you for contacting us. Our sales team will contact you asap via email. Best regards,

byGurubaran onNasiol ZR53

After using so many coatings, I used ZR53. To be honest, its super slick in a single layer. So smooth & shine. Now ordered 10 packs of ZR53. Some of the images from my FB

byNeil onNasiol ZR53

I used ZR53 on our BMW M240i and the ease of application and final finish are simply outstanding. My only tip for Nasiol would be to produce the ZR53 bottles with a drip feed topper as I accidentally spilt a little product while trying to apply it to the cotton pad as I turned the bottle upside down. For me, it's the easiest coating I have ever worked with. Here's my review incl pictures from the UK on Detailing World.

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