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Ultra-high-water repellent formula manufactured to establish safe driving and clear visibility with less reliance on windshield wipers. Nasiol GlasShield is a powerful water repellent solution designed precisely for the for car windshield protection and glass portions of a vehicle. Safety and visibility are crucial during rainy and snowy weather conditions.

Once Nasiol GlasShield comes in contact with the glass surface, the liquid formula will bond and spread to repel water and to turn droplets into tiny beads, thus making the usage of windshield wipers a seldom occurring event.


  • All-season protection suitable for all geographical locations.
  • Protects the age of windshield and wipers.
  • Delays the forming of icing.
  • Increases visibility performance for the windshield, side windows, and rear windshield.
  • Comes in all in one small packaging for easy storage.
  • Up to 80,000 wiper blades or up-to 2 years.
  • Applicable for all types of auto glass.


Windshields, exterior glasses and mirrors of cars. Do not use on headlights & taillights, thermosets & thermoplastics, window tints, interior glass of vehicles, textiles/fabrics. Do not apply to interior parts of car glass.


  • Please visit the web site before applying product. Suggest ensuring that temperature and relative humidity (RH) values (+5 ̊C ~ + 30 ̊C / 41 ̊F ~ 86 ̊F / 50% RH) of application space are as close as possible to suggested conditions to achieve maximum product performance.
  • Avoid direct sunlight during the application and only work on cool surfaces. Surface should be free of any dust, dirt, or water. Prepare the surface by using Nasiol Clean to remove any residual contamination and dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth prior to the use of the product.
  • Before using the product, wear the protective nitrile gloves included in the box. Consumption is 5mL/m². Spray on one square meter around 20 times with a standard GlasShield bottle and buff immediately with Nasiol Cotton Cloth. Do not use microfiber cloth for applying. Keep the coated surface away from direct sunlight, dust, water and contamination during 24 hours curing period. After usage turn the bottle upside down and spray out till the sprayer is empty.


  • Nasiol GlasShield Bottle
  • Nasiol Cotton Cloth
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Nasiol Sticker
  • Mini Trigger

Nasiol GlasShield Specifications

Volume 50mL
Application Surfaces Windshields, exterior glasses and mirrors of cars
Durability Up to 2 years,
45.000 km,
80.000 wiper blade wipe
Chemical Resistance 13>pH>1
Water Repellency
Oil Repellency
Coating Thickness 75-100nm
Consumption per Unit Area 5mL/m²
Consumption Windshield Only :
Small Vehicles (A-B Class) : 5-6mL
Medium Vehicles (C-D Class) : 6-8mL
Large Vehicles (E Class & SUV) : 8-10mL

Full Vehicle :
Small Vehicles (A-B Class) : 20-25mL
Medium Vehicles (C-D Class) : 30-40mL
Large Vehicles (E Class & SUV) : 40-50mL

Sunroof :
Small Vehicles (A-B Class) : 15-20mL
Medium Vehicles (C-D Class) : 25-30mL
Large Vehicles (E Class & SUV) : 35-40mL
Temperature Durability 275°C
Application Temperature 5°C-30°C
Curing Period 3 hours to touch,
24 hours for water contact
Storage Conditions -3 ̊C to +30 ̊C
Shelf Life 2 year without opening the bottle,
1 week after opening the bottle
Quantity/Parcel 15 pieces

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chemical resistance

Chemical Resistance

safe vision

Safe Vision

easy clean

Easy Clean


High Hydrophobic


What is Nasiol GlasShield, what does it do?

Nasiol GlasShield is a glass protection product applied to car windows and windscreen surfaces. It enables the surface to become resistant to scratches, provides it with water and oil repellency, and easy cleaning of tough stains such as bird droppings.

It provides a safer driving experience with improved visibility in rainy conditions and offers up to 2 years of protection in normal conditions.

What is the application process?

Nasiol GlasShield is an easy-to-use product thanks to its spray form. For the correct application, read the instructions on the packaging carefully and watch the application video.

Watch the application video

Can I apply Nasiol GlasShield in two layers for the best coating?

Once you have applied Nasiol GlasShield correctly, there is no need for an additional coat. As the surface will already have been covered by the first coat, it is unnecessary to apply the second coat as there will be no additional surface left for Nasiol GlasShield to bond.

Can I apply Nasiol GlasShield to interior car window surfaces? Will it provide antifogging?

No. On the contrary, Nasiol GlasShield may increase fogging when applied to the interior surfaces of car windows.

Can Nasiol GlasShield prevent heat convection into the car when applied to the windshield?

Nasiol GlasShield has no heat prevention effect. However, it ensures UV resistance.

Does Nasiol GlasShield prevent scratches, stone chips and breakage?

Nasiol GlasShield will protect the treated glass surfaces against fine scratches. However, it does not protect against breakage and heavy damage.

Can we use Nasiol GlasShield on glass film/window tint?

Nasiol GlasShield cannot be applied to car window films. Films on car windows are plastic based and Nasiol GlasShield only works on glass and ceramic surfaces.

Where can I obtain price information?

You can obtain detailed information about the product through our official online store, or by reaching us via email or phone:

[email protected], +90 212 670 13 95

How long will Nasiol GlasShield last for someone who regularly washes their car?

Nasiol GlasShield provides durability for up to 2 years or 45,000 kilometers in normal conditions.

How long is the product’s shelf life? How long after opening the bottle should I finish the product? What are the recommended storage conditions?

An unopened bottle of Nasiol GlasShield can safely be stored for 24 months under the recommended storage conditions. Once the product has been opened and partly used, the bottle should be kept shut tightly and the remaining product should be used within 1 month. For the ideal storage, the ambient temperature should be between -3°C and +30°C.

Can I create my own private label using this product?

You can benefit from our private labeling model for the unbranded Nasiol GlasShield, creating your own brand by choosing from the many options we offer you in the catalog we have prepared for this purpose.

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 10 reviews
 by Sergio Pousa

Hello, I am a Nasiol applicator in Argentina. our fan page is we have a large following public (150,000 likes) and branches in Argentina, Spain and Paraguay. We would need detailed information on the car care products as well as everything related to the application of the same, with all the suggestions that could be made. Many thanks

 by Serap Taşcı

Aracımın camlarına uyguladım gerçekten de yağmurlu günlerde silecek çalıştırmaya gerek kalmıyor. şişede bir miktar artmıştı onuda evimin bir camına uyguladım. camların geç kirlenmesini sağlıyor. bir daha ki temizlikte de camları daha kolay temizliyorsunuz. arabanız ve eviniz için kesin tavsiye ederim.

 by Sam Buckle

First time I have misapplied and the conclude was very terrible. The application is very important for this kind of the products. Now I am so pleased to Glasshield. Thank for everything.

 by Alex Hodxa

More than easy better than good. Thx for fast delivery with fedex. That thing Working nice I love it in the heavy rain.

 by Nazan Ş.

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