Catching the Dreams All in One Breath

How do we turn dreams into reality? Through years of hard work in research and development, there have been developed brilliant solutions to the toughest of problems time after time. And now inspired by our ongoing vision of what might be brought into being by the power of science and dedication to make the dream manifest, we’ve created something that we’re extraordinarily proud of sharing.

So what was our dream? Imagine this. You find yourself filling an indestructible blender with handfuls of sparkling diamonds, now you reach down and pick up a tube of sunscreen, squirt it in, put on the blender’s lid and press the start button. After some time and a lot of noise, you pour out the brilliant diamond coating. It’s so strong a microscopic layer will give 90% of the scratch resistance of pure diamond, and because you added sunscreen it prevents sun bleaching of the surface. You’re feeling proud of your invention (let’s not worry about how much a blender full of diamonds costs until we wake up). But in your dream, it’s even more amazing. You find that the paint repels water, as it beads up and rolls away the droplets trap dirt within them carrying contamination away, making a self-cleaning surface.

Suddenly you’re awake excited about the discovery, soon remembering diamonds are expensive and indestructible blenders have not been invented yet. You might think it’s impossible and dismiss it as you drink your morning coffee. Indestructible blenders may be a way off but a coating with the extraordinary qualities of hardness, durability, water repellency and UV protection that a few years ago was no more than our scientists’ dream, is now a reality. Through years of research and thousands of tests, we’ve brought into being something extraordinary. We call it Nano Layer 272.

NL 272 is the ultimate ceramic car coating formulation. What makes it so incredible is its strength and performance in all areas. This leading-edge technology is redefining the limits of nano-ceramic paint protection.


NL272 is the tough protective skin your vehicle needs to keep looking good in the toughest of environments. 9H hardness scratch resistance (factory paint is nowhere near this hard), high gloss, UV protection, chemical resistance, water repellency and easy cleaning. It excels in all areas of protection and one application of a nanoscale thick layer protects for up to 5 years. You’ll save hours of cleaning – and tutting over scratches – as your car, now superhero tough just laughs off the insults that leave other cars looking dull and worn down.

The solution is not only an amazingly capable product it’s also quick and easy to apply, just make sure the surface is clean, apply and immediately buff. That’s it. Now your bodywork, wheels, black plastic trim -including under-bonnet, headlights, and tail lights have a super-tough, super long lasting protective shield against the elements.

Don’t dream about how much easier and better it would be if you could paint your car with self-cleaning diamond paint. We have made that incredible protection reality.

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