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  • Artekya, A Leading Producer of SuperHydrophobic Products

    Nasiol TWB is Released for Industrial Usage

    Nasiol T-WB, new industrial textile coating of Nasiol has released.  It is a water based nanocoating and could be applied to industrial surfaces by dipping method. Nasiol T-WB can be applied as a waterproof spray coating too. However the target audience of the product is textile manufacturers and it is not sold in retail for now.

    Nasiol Sails in IOM Race

    Nasiol was sailed in IOM 1 meter race. Extremely distressed by heavy winds, the racers offered a visual feast with 1-meter sailing yachts. Competitors who won the best score in terms
    Shining water drop on the leaf of the plant

    Nasiol in Tubitak Martek

    Artekya Technology, manufacturer of Nasiol Nanocoatings, presents its new location on Turkey and explain the reasons why they choose it. Have a nice watch!
    A small island with white building aka tower and inscription "win a free trip"

    #DetailingTuesday Starts

    On January 7th Nasiol will start a new contest;   #DetailingTuesday. DetailingTuesday is Nasiol’s content which will run over a 6 month period. During this period, Nasiol will offer weekly prizes, monthly prizes and a grand prize.