How to Wash Car After Ceramic Coating? – A Beginners Guide

Many nano coating manufacturers, like Nasiol, develop ceramic coating formulas to last longer and perform superior to the typical polishing wax that has been around for a century.

It is not fair to compare the traditional wax coating to a nano ceramic coating; however, taking good care of the ceramic coating application is crucial to its endurance.

The most common mistake that most users make is not following the instructions.

Following the directions provided by the manufacturer of the ceramic coating will give you the best chance at getting the most out of the product and eventually, durability.

More than what happens after the application, paying attention to the pre-application process is also essential.

Using dirty equipment to apply the coating and also using methods not mentioned in the brands’ instructional manual will prevent successful application.

In most situations, it is best to wait until the nanocoating bonds with the body of your car and curates.

The ceramic coating cure time, again, will depend on the manufacturer to manufacturer.

Typically, the most major brands like Nasiol recommends waiting for a minimum of 24hrs before any washing can take place.

If the ceramic coating application performed correctly, chances are your vehicle will not need washing right away.

Also, the dirt and dust repellency feature of most ceramic coating applications, including Nasiol ZR53 and NL272, the surface should be free of any mess for a while.

After the application, if you feel that you need to wash your vehicle, please give it at least a few days for the curation period to settle in before any detergent based washing.


Some Amazing Tips On Cleaning Car After Ceramic Coating

After you’ve given an ample amount of time for the coating to cure, following the simple steps below will ensure that the surface gets appropriately clean.

  • If possible, do the surface cleaning at home.
  • Avoid using dense rough brushes when cleaning. The brushes used at car washing stations are hard and can slowly start the process of stripping the ceramic coating from your car.
  • If you must use a car wash station, use a brushless washing station.
  • Use a shampoo designed for automotive exterior cleaning and is compatible with cleaning a surface treated with ceramic coatings, like Nasiol Cleanion Pro.
  • DO NOT USE DISHWASHING SOAP – Some people will advise others to use dishwashing liquid; however, the majority of the dishwashing soaps have higher levels of pH, and is not recommended for cleaning a surface treated with ceramic coating.

Always remember to use clean towels to clean and make sure to dry the vehicle completely.

Learn more about how to maintain ceramic coating.

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