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  • wood water resistant spray
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    NASIOL HOMEWOOD Wooden Nano Protection

    Homewood prolongs the lifetime of your wooden home and garden furniture, doors, windows and other natural wooden surfaces by protecting them from stains and water damage.

    >>> Restore and preserve your wooden furnishings’ appearance as if no time has passed since they were first installed or bought.
    >>> Doesn’t alter the wood grain. Your wooden furniture and furnishings remain true to their original appearances.
    >>> Hydrophobic and oleophobic: Water and oil repellent. Water and oily grime will slide right off instead of seeping in and doing damage.
    >>> No worries about rowdy pets, kids and relatives being careless with your wooden surfaces during parties.
    >>> No worries about sudden rain. No more having to slave away putting up shelter or hauling your wooden furniture to safety when the sky goes dark.

    APPLICATION: Apply in a well-ventilated area. Make sure the surface is clean and dry, no dust or dirt, grease or grime. Spray the surface 160-220 times per square meter until slightly wet.

    Curing period is 24 hours.

    Volume 150 ml
    Application surface type Home natural wooden parts
    Durability Up to 6 months
    Consumption 40-60 ml/m2
    Coating thickness ~60-70 nm
    Water repellency
    Oil repellency
    Temperature durability 110° C
    Shelf life 2 years
    Keeping conditions -3°C to +30°C
    Curing period 24 h
    Box includes 16 pieces
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     6 reviews
    by Molly Palencia on Homewood

    In my opinion this product very succesful. For the wood which is natural product thus must use eco-friendly product nasiol homewood. Love ya nasiol 🙂

    by Nedim Koçtürk on Homewood

    Geçen yıl yazlıktaki bahçe mobilyalarında kullanmıştım. Yağmur yemesine rağmen herhangi bir çürüme ya da renk solması olmayınca bu yıl yine almaya karar verdim. Etkisini ne zaman yitirir bilmiyorum ama yitirmeden uygulamak istiyorum. Umarım sorun olmaz. Bu arada cilalı ahşapta kullanıma uygun olmadığı yazılmış. Alırken dikkat edin.

    by Gale McDune on Homewood

    I'm about to buy such a product for my fences. Will it protect wooden stuff from degradation caused by UV light and rain? If so, i'll consider buying. Thanks.

    by Daniel Williams on Homewood

    Hi! I want to coat my wooden bookshelf because my home is close to lake so my workroom may be humid and it damages my books. Does this product really prevent humidity on wood shelf? Thank you!

    by Christina Goossens on Homewood

    best friend of furniture

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