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  • textile nano protection
    non allergic textile surface
    chemical resistance

    Chemical Resistance

    stain free

    Stain Free

    easy clean

    Easy Clean


    High Hydrophobic

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    Protect your Fabrics and Make Them Water and Stain Proof

    Protection for the home textile and fabric surfaces. With the same hydrophohic and Easy Clean effect from Homeshine, Hometex protects your textiles from daily risks of stain and water damage. Ideal for use on seat upholstery, carpets, curtains, rugs, etc.

    • When a guest spills wine, no panic.
    • When your little one spills food, no panic.
    • When your family has a movie night in the living room, no worries about the ice cream sundaes everyone decides to eat while sitting on the sofa.
    • Stains come right off.
    • Your textile’s prints and dyes are protected from fading, whether from the sun or from cleaning.

    Nasiol Cabincare removes the worry and keeps your upholstery’s new-look. Protects automotive fabrics from stain and creates a nano sized coating that repells water.

    Cabincare does not change the color and texture of fabric.

    How to make your Textiles Waterproof?

    • Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.
    • Application area should be ventilated well.
    • Surface should be sprayed around 80-100 times for one square meter.
    • Curing time is 24 h.​

    Hometex Specifications?

    Fabric Protector Spray Specifications

    Volume 500 ml
    Application surface type Home fabric upholstery
    Durability Up to 6 months
    Temperature durability 110°C
    Chemical resistance 11>pH>1
    Consumption 80-100 ml/m2
    Coating thickness ~75-100 nm
    Water repellency
    Oil repellency
    Shelf life 2 years
    Keeping conditions -3°C to +30°C
    Curing period 24 h
    Box includes 12 pieces
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    Average rating:  
     8 reviews
    by Sandy Tahome on Hometex
    I was using scotchgard for a while for these purposes and gave a try this time. Seems working absolutely much more better.
    by Zeynep Sena on Hometex

    Kadife ve deri kaplı koltuğunda denedim, kadifede etkisini fazla göremedim. Belirtmek istedim.

    by Ayşe TC on Hometex

    eşim arabasının koltuklarında kullmış memnun kaldı. bunun üzerine ev için olan bu ürünü aldık ve kullandık. çay veya kahveyle denemedim ama su ile denedim gayet iyi. koltuğun üzeri neredeyse hiç ıslanmadı kumaşı sertleştirir sanmıştım ama kullanmadan öncekiyle bir fark olmadı. kullanmak isteyenlere tavsiye edrim.

    by Akiko on Hometex

    1 最高の製品です。私も使っていました 最高の製品です。私も使っていました。

    by Irina Sgambato on Hometex

    I will order but I wonder does it change color of fabric? Is it totally transparent?

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