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A few Boat Cleaning Tips Using the Nasiol Nano Coating Spray

When people buy a vessel, boat or yacht cleaning is the last thing that comes to their mind.
Most of the future captains only dream about how they will roam over seas and oceans,
enjoying trips and adventures. They forget that when a trip is finished the vessel becomes a bit
dirty. A layer of the contaminants from the ocean and dirt particles from the air covers boards
and elements of the interior. In addition to spoiling the yacht or boat look, it can lead to negative
consequences. Salt sediments can damage all types of materials like metal, polycarbonate, and
all of the textile materials. It means that it’s time you roll your sleeves up and begin boat
cleaning. Of course if you have a cabin boy you can task this to him, but it is improbable that
you will have this opportunity. For those who are not afraid of the challenges of the cleaning
process but don’t know where to start we have prepared a few boat cleaning tips.
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How to Wash a Boat Step by Step

  1. Give your boat a good shower which removes any loose debris or grime from the
    boards. As in the case of car washing you should start rinsing from top to bottom. This is
    just to remove the loose bits that are on the surface of the boat. If you have a
    compressor, that’s great, but a standard garden hose is enough for cleaning your boat.
  2. It’s time to soap spots with a special yacht cleaner thoroughly. Pay attention, never
    allow the cleaner to dry; otherwise, you risk damaging the surface and leaving a horrible
    stain. Always work with one place at a time, and don’t move to the next spot until you
    have rinsed the yacht cleaner off of the current location.
  3. The last step is to apply Nasiol nano coating spray to protect your yacht and make sure
    its boards shine. This special formula does not allow contaminants from the water and
    dirt particles to stick on the surface. Also, nano coating give the materials hydrophobic
    properties. Applying nano coating products you should be consistent as well.
    Never move to the next until you finish buffing current place, and work with one yacht’s
    element at a time.


More information about waterproof spray coating that was designed specifically for yacht and boat can be found here.

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