Nasiol Knows How to Clean a Motorcycle without Hardships

A motorcycle is the epitome of freedom, high speed, and eternal riding. All of the motorbike owners belong to an unspoken brotherhood, of which you became a member since you purchased a bike. People can admire two-wheeled stallions or hate them because of the noise. But we can’t deny the fact that a motorcycle always attracts looks of pedestrians and car drivers passing by them.

Keeping a bike in perfect condition is not easy; it’s a regular and time-consuming matter. If car owners have a wide range of washing services, bikers usually care for their steel horse by themselves.

Today, we want to share a few tips and advice on how to clean a motorbike, what you will need for this, and what place it’s required to pay attention to at first. If you are an experienced biker you already know this advice for a long time, but we will talk about new nano coating sprays, so don’t hurry to flip the page.

Washing a Motorcycle; Things to Remember

The first step is a preparation which doesn’t differ from the car washing process. You should diligently rinse dirt and grime off your vehicle. After that, you can boldly take up cloth and bottles with detergents.
The most significant hardship is slapped bugs which you catch while riding. Sometimes, it’s challenging to remove stains left after insects. Not many people know that the well-known WD40 can easy solve this issue.
In turn, we recommend preventing the appearance of these and cover metal parts of the motorcycle with hydrophobic coating Nasiol NL272. Application of this product, and a wet microfiber towel will be enough to wipe out stains without dip marks.

Don’t forget to check what happens behind the bike forks. It’s one of the dirtiest places because of all of the dirt and water that comes out of the wheel. Also, many people miss the cleaning of the swingarm, but you shouldn’t follow this example.

Windshield and Mirrors

It’s a frequent question: how to clean motorbike windshield and mirrors? There are so many different ways and methods. Someone recommends using special products for glass cleaning, another one shares personal recipes of mixtures which remove stains.

Nasiol recommends using a verified and modern solution, designed by scientists, such as the Nasiol glass water repellent GlasShield. Invisible nanolayer makes windshield and mirrors dirt-proof, easy-to-clean, and water-oil-repellent. Also, it’s rain repellent and enhances vision when the weather is rainy. GlasShield doesn’t just help to clean glass parts; it nips this problem in the bud.

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