Works are being sustained on the antibacterial formulations, end yield is already obtained. The product will be released soon to the entire world market. 

Christmas excitement has surrounded the Nasiol family. The freshest news and projects of   2018 will be announced soon. Keep following and enjoy the New Year’s countdown.

The most recognizable product of our entire history, NL272, has been released. It comes to the forefront mainly due to the strong scratch durability, even more so than 9H hardness, and its long-term life-span of up to 5 years in normal conditions. Although it is the most professional product in the market, every individual person can visit https://www.ekspermarket.com/automobile/automobile-exterior/nano-coating-nano-ceramic-coating-nano-layer, buy one and try in their own garages.

Nasiol is enlarging the market in the Ukraine. One more official reseller has joined the family, started to build a great structure and distribution network. 

The 4th biggest R&D and Industrial Reunion of TUBITAK was held on 06.10.2017 and the following 3-day period. The exhibition was held at the SANTEK National Industry and Technology Fair in the Kocaeli region. The most popular members of the establishment were joined together to make presentations, meet the most valuable investors and share their voices to reach all suitable industrial fields.

Detailing world competition for a 75% discount on the newly released Nasiol Full Package Car Care Kit. Detailers will no longer need any additional products apart from this kit bag. Go to http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=400085, make a comment and get the opportunity for winning a big discount.  

Nasiol Vietnam is on the way of forming a foundation. Both sides have come to an agreement for exclusivity and the office is at the stage of preparation by now. Contact information for the responsible agent will be announced soon. 

Newly generated alternative ways for product industrialization are being implemented. There are limited complaints and multiple requests for several of the powerful product ranges of Nasiol, especially for the ceramic coatings, textile and glass treatments. Projects will be put into process with 100% R&D and theoretical background, keep following.     

Amazon sales are increasing day by day. Hundreds of people are realizing the ultimate features of the Nasiol range every single day. Now, the sales availability is extended through MF2 and Glasshield. Do not miss this opportunity!  

Nasiol has attended the biggest R&D and Industrial Reunion of Turkey, supported by TUBITAK MAM Research Center. The meetings were held in the city of Adana and the event was followed by the participation of the mayor, Hüseyin Sözlü and the head of TUBITAK, Prof. Dr. Orhan Comlek. Meetings, conferences, speeches, meal organization, price-giving ceremony and other social activities were sustained throughout three days. The next exhibition will be held in Gebze, Turkey.

According to latest news coming from NASIOL marketing department, the marketing support will be 5 % of the budget separated through several channels of promotion. For more information write to info@nasiol.com and ask for the facilities.

The biggest facility for the companies to represent NASIOL under their own brand by using the highest quality products with the limitless bulk size supply options. The liter prices are so cheap and there are many advantages on several bottle/box designs by our center.


Nasiol Vietnam has finally been established, and now the Vietnam people have access to Nasiol products and feel the excitement behind obtaining original goods. The website and e-shop information will be provided soon.

Great investments from Nasiol Hungary. Complaints in the market about graffiti have dramatically decreased. The projects are already accomplished with several big companies. 

The members of NASIOL R&D department announced lounching over the Anti-Fog products will be highly demanded considering the future needs on car/vehicle bodies.  There will be no more foggy view during driving although in minus degrees temperatures. Resistancy against heat differences between inside and outer environment is sustained.

Amazon activation has been initiated, direct sales to America are available on www.amazon.com. Easy access with just one click!!! The names like ZR53, MF2 and Glasshield will become more familiar in the future.

The IRAQI office is really doing well since the first date of foundation. Mr. Mohamed Altimimi has already exceeded the minimum amount decided by GDP of the territory.  Here are the pics from order loading to transportation vehicles.

New product extensions are accumulating to the market, there will be a very big opportunity on e-commerce and online sales. Visit www.ekspermarket.com and enjoy the fastest transportation services with easiest payment methods.

NASIOL congrats the Ramadan Eid Mubarak of all Muslims and wishes passing the best times with their relatives and neighbours. The company also will be in holiday so your messages to info@nasiol.com will be replied as the earliest time after vacation.

The manegers of the company has travelled through UK in order to discuss new office launching with the powerful candidates to open new horizons and exted the facilities.

According to the latest test results of the R&D department, the efficiency of Nasiol C usage on Solar Panels is proved. Last countdowns before market release. Huge demands and profit on this area when the adaptation is performed properly.

The great visitation from the IRAQ distributor Mohammed Altimimi in the new center of NASIOL locating at the biggest R&D foundation of Turkey, TUBITAK. The complains and future plans are discussed in detail and followed by entertainments activities.

People of the entire world sending many inquiries on Anti-Graffitti treatments allowing the highest demands in industrial basis. Extraordinary facilities on the areas like walls, train bodies and etc. To keep the appearance always new without any extra paintwork on them.

The entertainment is started with general company representation followed by traditional Turkish food at lunch time and ended with the contract signatures. Here are some photos of the agreement day crowned by the members of Jorma Auto Pinturas and Artekya Limited ŞTİ.