Royal Wedding All-electric Jaguar E-type

A few days ago, on May 6, 2019, the royal couple Meghan and prince Harry become the happiest
people in the world because their son was born. We would like to congratulate this beautiful couple
and wish them and the newborn prince good health and prosperity.

You may possibly wonder why we, a nano coating manufacturer, is writing about this, and what links
this occasion with the world of nanotechnology.

Do you remember this excellent vintage car? It’s All-electric Jaguar E-Type in which Meghan and
Harry left Windsor Castle in Windsor on May 19, 2018, after their wedding to attend an evening
reception at Frogmore House. Now imagine how romantic and symbolic it would be if their son leaves
his wedding venue in this car too.

royal family jaguar carLet’s just say, hypothetically it will be 30 years later. What needs to be done to keep this magnificent
Jaguar in pristine condition?

Reliable Protection for Collectors’ Cars

Looking at the photo of their car, we can confidently say that the car paint has been covered in some
coating which provides the gloss on the color. We can only assume it is a polish, car wax, or nano
coating. If you are a collector or a car enthusiast who owns an old vintage car, you know how
challenging it is to care for it. Car paint, especially if it’s the first paint layer from the plant, and chrome
elements require particular attention. The paint which auto manufacturers used 50 years ago has
significant distinctions from modern-day paint and needs an additional protection layer.

The coating based on nanotechnology is the perfect means to do this. You can apply it once, and
forget about this problem for an extended period. Considering that you don’t drive your vintage car
every day, reliable protection and blinding gloss of the paint layer is guaranteed for years. Using nano
coating you need not worry about your car’s look or be afraid of little stones, mud, water, and road
chemicals; you can simply enjoy driving and attracting admiring glances of the people around.

jaguar etype car

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