Nano Coating To Change The World

As applications of nanotechnology develop over time, they help to shrinkage of human footprint on the environment. When the growth rate of population on earth resulting in related increase in consumption of energy sources and pollution is taken into account, nano-materials stand on a critical point for the future.

Wide Scope Usage

Surfaces can be treated in several ways for textiles:

  • Nano-particle containing chemical finishes on clothes enables variety of properties for textile products.
drop repellent

Porous and liquid repellent structure of nano-coatings with high surface-to-volume ratio help us to provide breathable, light-weight and anti-bacterial reinforcements especially important for military applications.


It is also important to keep clothes clean and shapely. Nano-coatings minimize or vanish the required time for cleaning out clothes through washing, drying and ironing as well.


Another plus for nano-coating finishes is that allowing the retained conditions of clothes as we bought by avoiding wearing, discoloration or shrinkage after several laundering operations.

tex coat

Demand in innovative solutions increases as technologically advanced and expensive products are fabricated. Nano-coatings provide superior protection for high-tech touch screen displays and eye-glasses by enhancing durability against external impacts.


What About Other Applications?

Nano-coatings on the solar panels can reduce potential decrease in efficiency due to contamination caused in time by environmental factors like dust, rain and bird droppings and also enhance transparency, yields in improved photo-induced electrical power.

panel coating

Nano-scaled coatings have a broad application area on vehicles;

Driving a car along on a curved mountain road or maybe an adventurous off-road experience is the definition of pleasure for drivers with passion who are addicted to their vehicles.  Being able to view beautiful sights might be hindered by dust, rain or other environmental pollution factors. Nanotechnology helps you out get rid of, or at worst, delay these unexpected situations easily.

off raoad nano coating

A hydrophobic coating on the windshield improves visual perception of the driver or makes it easier to clean contaminants off the vehicle surface.

rain repellent

However, a hydrophilic coating on the interior side of vehicle windows or side mirrors can prevent fogging and icing, thus ensuring driving safety on the road without need for wiping the surface off to obtain clean sight of view.


Surface gains after such treatments are as follows;

  • Protection of body parts from external impacts like scratches, on the road chipping and pressurized washing machine damages.
  • Protection of interior parts from soiling agents, UV degradation and wear/abrasion.
  • Reduction in adhesion of dead bugs, bird droppings and dirt build-up.
  • Resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
  • Water repellency.
car coating

Cope With Marine Works?

Since the first days of sail, mariners have been battling fouling: The growth of barnacles, seaweeds, tube worms and other organisms in salty water may cause cosmetic or structural deterioration by producing roughness, thereby increasing turbulent flow and drag, on marine hull operating under sea level. Corrosion of metal in salty water is another problem to deal with.


Nano-coatings prevent the effects of salty water and its species in terms of corrosion resistance and anti-fouling, ensuring the long operating life for vessel without need of restorations.


Are you a homesick?

If you care your home environment and enjoy wasting time in your own, Nasiol home care products will 100% suit you.

Cleaning the house sometimes can turn into a nightmare. Coping with residual limes, detergent soils, and oils in kitchen and bathroom spaces can cost you a lot of time.


Nano-coatings designed for surfaces like ceramic, glass, plastic or even steel that usually in contact with water, cleaning agents and food protect these surfaces from adhesion of various substances that can be easily rubbed/wiped off without further cleaning treatments.


Chance to Stand Like a Stone!

Independent of whether public or private buildings, it is important to maintain functional and aesthetic aspects. Dust, rain, soil and stains can cause malfunctioning of these mineral surfaces in time.


Nano-coatings for such porous surfaces give easy-clean or repellent properties against oils, graffiti paints, chemicals etc and exhibit great coating uniformity on irregular-shape structures while reducing the damage of trapped liquids on potential cracks and cavities.

stone anti graffiti

Raining is No More a Problem

Weathering conditions like direct exposure of sunlight and rain as well as biological deterioration by fungi, algae, mildew and insects on natural wood surfaces like sidings, fences, outdoor furnitures and decks can be dangerous for durability and result in discoloration, cavity and decrease of luster due to degeneration of structure.

wooden home protection

Nano-coatings become cross-linked to form a covalent bond with natural wood surface, ensuring the stability of wood while outlook remains natural and not effected by external or internal factors, also eliminating hazardous chemicals used for protection of the surface.

wooden water repellent
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