Help Saving the World by Making Less Effort

If saving the world, especially the idea of achieving that goal by keeping your car spotlessly clean all year round by washing it less sounds easy, you probably don’t need to read on. If not, let me explain more on the logic behind Nanotechnology right now.

We’ve all experienced the competing demands that life – and other people – make on our time and our resources. Negotiating social pressures, practicalities, needs, wants and desires probably played a big part in your choice of vehicle? You want to present yourself well and everyone has an opinion, right? There’s a fine line between being a hero and a villain. Between gaining kudos and being a jerk.

One thing that will bring the narcissistic jerk sign down around your neck is a waste of shared resources – not seeming to care about the cost to others of your personal lifestyle. The cost is real. The toxic detergents and use of water in keeping your car clean undoubtedly have a negative impact on the environment. It also takes your own time and resources, eroding your motivation to keep up appearances.

So how do you stop dirty water, time, and money down the drain from draining you? Get your superhero cape ready, here’s the win-win. Less waste, less time, fewer resources and more hydrophobicity. It’s the most rational, sensible, and economical choice that will take you up a notch in other people’s eyes.

Nano ceramic coatings are becoming to be superpowers for your car. They repel dirt and grime by smoothing out imperfections in your paint and glass, and through their hydrophobic nature make water bead up on the surface and run off taking dirt with it making your car self and easy cleaning. Your car gets and stays shinier for much longer, and when you do need to give that extra gleam simply wiping with water is enough to remove all traces of contamination leaving a crystal shine.

One application lasts up to 3 years. Think of the number of times you wash your car at that time. It’s going to be a significant saving (of the planet). What will you do with the time you save? Maybe volunteer or help an old lady across the street while you point out your shiny car and tell her how you’re helping to save the world by using your brain more and your wash bucket a whole lot less.

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