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Getting More Than You Bargained For

Getting more than you bargained for? How does that read? Maybe it depends on your day. Finding surprise money in your jeans, or a tissue in your pocket you didn’t know was there until after you unload the washing machine to find everything covered in white speckles. That little bit extra, the cherry on top, something for nothing or a pie in the face. You never know what life will throw at you.

While we are at the forefront of innovation in nanotechnology and its application to vehicle surface protection, what we are really doing is finding the limits put on your lifestyle and pushing them back. Giving you that something extra that makes life special. We don’t want anything to rain on your parade.

Reducing risk is one very good way to make life better. When it rains several studies have confirmed the risk of road accidents doubles, and ten percent of all collisions are caused by poor visibility. If we can remove this risk, it’s a big improvement in your life right? Well we’ve done it. Nasiol GlasShield nanotechnology coating repels water (and dirt and road grime). One easy application lasts up to three years and in most rainy conditions at normal driving speeds GlasShield is so effective you can drive without even turning on your wipers as water beads up and is carried away by airflow over the windshield.

safe vision

GlasShield’s unique nanotech properties not only keep your windows looking crystal clear in all weathers, when the sun does come out its inherent UV absorbing properties protect you and your passengers from the dangers of ultraviolet  light damaging your skin and eyes. Did you know that rates of skin cancer and cataracts are noticeably higher on the side that faces the driver’s door? Although windscreens now commonly block 95% or more of these damaging UV rays, side windows are far less effective, in many cases blocking only 30-50%. The cumulative effect of hours, months and years of exposure to you and your car’s interior is another risk we’ve scienced out of your life forever.

Another 95% is the number of new cars with a clear coat finish over their colour coat of paint. Manufactures do this for a number of reasons. Environmental regulations mean colour coats are now water based and must be sealed in to prevent degradation. Clear coat’s soft surface makes polishing out imperfections easier. And of course clear coat imparts the deep wet look shine we all love. Clear coat failure, the clouding and eventual peeling of this finish is accelerated by ultraviolet radiation, drying out and cracking of the paint and of course continual wear of the soft clear coat surface. Here at Nasiol we are all about you getting the most out of life, and looking good while you do it! So to solve all these problems we’ve developed ZR53. Again its easy application lasts up to three years. It blocks UV, seals in the paint’s porous surface preventing drying and crazing, and it’s super hard, 9 on the Mohs scale, meaning it shields against abrasions and scratches giving a lasting deep gloss without annoying spiderweb patterns.

100%? That’s a sciency way of describing how many children and pets can turn a pristine interior into a sticky, smeary playpen.  Don’t worry we have you covered on the inside too. Spilt drinks that bead uop and roll off, not sink in? Food, mud that wipes away without a trace? No more tantrums because you can’t risk letting anyone bring food and drink into the car? Cabincare has the answer, spray on fabrics, plastics, wood, leather. Because it’s a nanoscale coating it is both incredibly effective, getting into every nook and cranny, and so light it does not change the look and feel of even the most delicate fibres.

We’re all about the upside, surpassing the limits to do more, make life better, safer and easier – and helping you look good while you effortlessly exceed expectations. Whatever life throws your way, rain, shine or custard pies Nasiol coatings science those problems away.

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