Any Chance to Obtain the Smoothest Iron Body?

Are you suffering from the corrosion and rust of pure alloys? No, not anymore with the most technological nano protection.

MP55 is the coating specially produced for unpainted metallic bodies and pure metallic alloys allowing prevention against corrosion and rust formations. Considering industrial usages, this product is found as showing high suitability on the bodies of sea vehicles, metallic storage containers, gun inside/outer parts and etc.

In addition to protection against corrosion and rust formations, MP55 provides the high degree of protection against UV lights coming up with shiny gloss by creating an ultra transparent layer on the applied bodies. Because of the features like hydrophobicity and oleophobicity; surface gainings can be concluded as easy/self-cleaning, dirt repellency, time and money saving with long lasting durability.

Can Anyone Be Protected Easily?

Yes, the usage of HVLP or spraying guns are the most proper ones if the body is so hard, tough and not smooth. Otherwise, the touching method is the best way of complete distribution with spraying triggers and clothes.

First be sure of the area is completely dry and clean then check the sun light by considering the possibility of reductions on bonding characteristics of top coated chemicals.

mp55 24

At the last stage, wait until the crystals are emerged by every corner of the body possible to take almost 1 day. The end visual comes up with more than 100% clean, non-rusty, shiny and powerful metallic shielder without any hesitation against the enemies.

Do not worry about cleaning, it just takes few minutes to remove the specks of dirt stick or they can even be removed by a little rain exposure if you are as lucky as stating the regions showing the features of soft equatorial climate.

What is the Case for Huge Industrial Zones?

Metals are everywhere with positive ions waving from one to another. Isn’t that easy to provide customers best container protection with the longest durability?

So easy peasy if someone finds the best contact in the market. Buy in bulk, sell to the industrial metal manufacturers and make lots of profit with the help of limitless manufacturer supports in the respects of Nanotechnology.

mp 55

Furthermore, there is a huge treasure on luxury marine industries to keep the metallic parts always shiny against the harsh effects of the environment. The harsh effects can appear as rust and corrosion in the case of waiting too much in shipyards during seasonal conditions or exposing too many specks of dirt during sailing from one coast to another.

mp55 marine

Ultimate metal protection is applicable in all cases coming up with the most effective results.

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OEM seem as including a huge treasure inside

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