13 reasons why
13 Reasons Why Nano Coatings Took the Place of Waxes by Time?


Tape7 – Is there a life without keeping goods always original?

People have always thought for the adaptations on painted bodies so far but no one was thinking about the spectacular durability of nano-sealants on other substrates like glasses, pure metallic alloys, textiles, plastics, thermosets, woods, stones and FINALLY all the areas can be faced on the entire earth. Are Waxes ever compatible with such arrangement? Who can dare to think Nano even in the Mars? :)[/vc_column_text]


Tape8 – Could there be applied any “Retailization”?

Bodies are immediately utilized for the services of end-user customers with the easiest usage methods and renovations in the field. The manufacturers were exploding to find out the most utilized formulation for the end-users, huge industrial applicators, shoppers and etc. At that time industrialization raised upon like a shining star. Millions of market research are planned and sustained so regularly with the teams. Finally, industries are categorized by dividing the sectors into 5 lines through Cars, Marines, Personal Equipments and Home Interiors in the field.


Tape9 – Not Only But Also

The retail usage types, bottlings, packages, triggers, clothes, pads and etc were utilized but not enough for covering the entire market. So, the needs for the additional bulk treatments are arisen exponentially, this time not for the end-users! With the infinite number of innovative solutions, the smart surface technologies are jumped into several areas of distribution to change the world of people’s life.


Tape10 – You Name It!

Innovations are first started considering the primary needs of public and gaps in the market.  Roof tiles were a big problem in the ancient history of human being, accommodation based on the effects of global civilizations. People are all started to live in tiled buildings and faced lots of problems in water leakage during the harsh climate conditions and damages to storm surge. Therefore, high-tech waterproof coatings for stone and mineral bodies are originated. This trend is followed by similar adaptation on Wooden bodies and said hi to its new possessors with respect by giving 90% better protection and water repellency than teak oil or any other conventional wood ‘finishes’. There were no more complaints about fungus or stain formations.


Tape11 – Limits are Carried Over the Sky

Generations have not ended, of course, followed by many reformations all the time. At the time being, Nanotechnology is having a much louder voice in the field than any other surface protection solutions or waxes. Technology is steadily catalyzed in the metallic alloys against rust/salt-corrosion, metallic painted bodies of factory equipment, containers, against the harsh effects of the daily Graffiti damages on the public areas, trains, walls,  suburbs, superhydrophobic laboratory equipment (SHBC), waterproof textiles, and etc.


Tape12 – Projects on Target

Nowadays, if one consider making a future determination, the vital projects come out as like Self-Healing, Anti-bacterials, Solar System utilization and etc. in order to leave a better life for the next generations. Self-healing leads to recovery of the bodies by using the aspects of flexibility and reformatory, infinite durability with unique longevity. Anti-bacterials are opening new horizons in people’s like by creating a much more hygienic environment, once you coat the area with those, no more pathogenic environment to threaten human health, very adaptable in hospitals, daily usage devices, public areas like transportation, shopping malls and etc. Solar energy is locating at the top rankings as renewable energy sources in today’s world of global warming. Nano is being used to increase the efficiencies of solar panel batteries by reducing the dirt/dust formations on the top by coming up with easy cleaning and again time-saving.


Tape13 – One End is The Beginning of Another

Throughout the history, several manufacturers invested in a similar variety of nano-science but one or two of them are tended to pick them up under one roof. The technological improvements not only observed in the entire world but also with the complementary additions of Nasiol all at once.


End of the story!! Nanos passes waxes hundred miles away in the green mile. Dreams come true and nanotechnology provides a better life for today’s and future generations. Keep following the innovations in the field both in academical and practical respects. Both sides are demanding a huge importance in terms of daily life reductions and humanization. Like is equal and everyone deserves to live happily ever after…

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